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Tuesday Bible Study Group

Tuesday Mornings @ 10:00 AM

The Tuesday Morning Bible Study group is open to all.  Study can be about a book of the Bible, a general topic, a study guide (ie: Life Guide Bible Studies) a book (by heart - Conversations with Martin Luther's Small Catechism). 

Discussion is open and free flowing with members take turns in leading/guiding the discussion or topic.

We would like to see YOU so, give us a try!

The Apostle's Creed Study NOTES

Phone: 623-849-4327
​Fax: 623-849-6616

Alleluia Lutheran Church, ELCA

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  Revelation Timeline HERE
  7 Letters to the 7 Churches HERE
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  Crowns HERE
  Rapture HERE
  The Great City HERE
  Salvation and the holy spirit HERE
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  Praying in the Spirit HERE
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Updated 10/15/19